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Consulting Work

Branding & marketing

I spent 24 months helping two amazing functional medicine clinics build unstoppable brands, holistic web platforms and helped turn them into media producing machines.

Our work was a combination of consulting, production & digital therapist. Watching them flourish and apply all of our work has been a true joy of running my agency.




Storytelling Guide Creation
Branding & Copywriting
Web Design & Production
Acquisition Funnels
Facebook Campaigns
Video Production Coaching

Each project began with an in-depth, customized story guide crafted so my clients could understand their ideal patients & how to speak directly to them. The story guide serves as a compass so my clients always have a handbook for reaching their potential patients.

We then dedicated our time to building the digital marketing engine laid out in the guide and teaching our clients how to operate their marketing engines so they could become completely self-sufficient and 100% fluid in the nuances of executing a modern digital marketing strategy.

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