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I’m Crystal Street

I empower women to create unconventional businesses
so they can lead abundant lives!

Join Our Abundant Revolution


I offer group & 1-1 coaching for women looking to embrace a little rebellion and embark on their solopreneurship or side hustle adventure!

Brand & Web Presence

My Brand+Web Program will coach you through creating a soulful brand and a sustainable web presence so you can grow your business with ease & joy.

Helping You Embrace Abundance

Break Away From Convention & Embrace your
Abundant Revolution.

Revolutions start with small acts of rebellion by courageous souls who seek to create a better reality. Our Abundant Revolution is no different.
We are here to take a stand for abundance and unapologetically welcoming a plethora of abundance into our lives.

Create our own definition of abundance.

Identify meaningful side hustles & solopreneurship ventures.

Use wealth as a tool to serve others.

Stand for your truth & design a lifestyles to support it.

Create your own Abundant Revolution Platform today!

Gain Clarity

Create clarity, confidence & abundant mindsets around Side Hustles & Solopreneurship.

Shift Money Mindsets

Remove money blocks, create a new, empowering money story & own your worth!

Branding With Soul

Create a brand in alignment with your soul & that speaks directly to your perfect client.

Identify Lucrative Niches

Discover your authentic, lucrative niche so that you can attract and keep more ideal clients.

What is Abundant Rebellion coaching?

We will uncover your passion work and support your journey towards fulfilling work that generates real income. We’ll shift money mindsets to create space for wealth and work with purpose. In our 1-1 coaching, we’ll refine your passion work and create a brand with soul, identify lucrative niches and create packaging and pricing that creates wealth and serves your clients at the highest levels!

What's the difference between coaching & consulting?

Coaching is the juicy work. Together, we’ll uncover and create the foundation for your Abundant Rebel to bring real joy and purpose into your life. With coaching, I guide you to a place of clarity surrounding your work and your relationship with abundance. I use proven methodologies and two decades of work in marketing to help you build your own business empire. With consulting, I provide specific answers to clearly stated marketing and communications issues you have while essentially telling you the proper course of action. Consulting is for folks who already have a clear brand, revenue-positive business and simply need expert guidance in navigating  modern digital marketing.

I don't have a business, but I know I want more. Is this for me?

YES! I’ve designed my Discover Your Abundant Rebel group coaching program just for you. I have so many amazing women ask me about embarking on their own side hustle or solopreneurship journey all the time, so i created this service to support them– and you! We’ll use Fire Starter Sessions as a base to help uncover areas in your life that light you up and have potential to be income streams. We’ll explore our hangups around money, charging people for things that come so easy to us and how to shift our mindset towards rebelling against the 9-5 narrative and create our own wealth journey.

I'm ready to step up my business game- where do I start?

Once you have some validation that your business has potential (aka paying clients or products sold), you’ll be ready to build your business foundation. I offer 1-1 coaching to create your brand, identify your lucrative niche, how to package and price your services as well as landing more clients! I bring 20 years of expertise in brand storytelling and a framework called Money, Marketing & Soul to walk you through a proven and powerful system to create all of the elements you need to amplify your business.

I already have a brand & business, but need support in marketing, can you help?

Yes. I have a limited number of spots for women who have created brands and have working businesses, yet are a little lost when it comes to navigating the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape. I provide specific guidance on converting your team into an agile media production company designed to pump out content that connects your brilliant work with the people who need you most. I can also hep guide you through the implementation of content production, even if you’re a team of one, and help you become a lean, mean, communicating machine!

I need a website, brand identity and social media presence, where do I start?

I get this question all the time, and honestly, it just depends. If you don’t have paying clients yet, then no, you don’t need those things. If you have some paying clients, but are still lacking clarity around your brand, niche and packaging, then you need a very simple, basic starting platform because it will all change once we create your brand. If you need a brand and website to get started, check out my Abundant Platform Done For You Packages. We can help you create the bad ass platform and identity that will up your game and amplify your brilliance!

Do you have resources for DIY website and marketing?
Yep. I am asked this so often, that I have created several DIY courses that will walk you through the best and easiest way to create your starter website and a basic starting logo and identity kit. Once you’ve completed one of the coaching modules, either Group or 1-1 coaching, you’ll be able to purchase the best option for your DIY journey. These courses aren’t open to the general public because I strongly believe you must have a foundation in place before creating the basic online presence. If not, you’re wasting your time and money. And there’s nothing abundant about that!

About Me

I am a stand for women embracing radical change.

I help people identify and embrace the abundant lives they’ve been dreaming of. I help women embrace their story and share it with the world.

I’ve taken 20+ years of professional storytelling experience and woven it into my trainings and consultations for my brilliant clients. Supporting their journey is my jam! Let’s get started!

How I Can Help

Group Coaching (Coming Soon)

Discover Your Abundant Rebel is designed to create clarity, confidence and abundant mindsets in order to increase your income through Side Hustles & Solopreneurship.

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Private Coaching

Join The Abundant Revolution was created to help you refine and power-up your unconventional business. We’ll create your brand with soul, identify lucrative niches, define packaging and pricing and much more.

Brand+Web Program

Together we’ll create your own nimble and sustainable web presence so you can connect your brilliance with the people who need you most!

Start Your Abundant Rebellion Now. Fill This Out & Let’s Talk.